2020 NECC Fantasy Football Consistency Rankings

Fantasy football consistency is an elusive beast. Being able to field a team that is competitive on a weekly basis is the dream and means when the top tier players you drafted don’t go off on a weekly basis, you still have a chance. To be able to show those players who are super consistent on a weekly basis, but who also are really efficient in terms of their return for each touch of the ball they have, I have built the NerdBall Efficiency and Consistency Coefficient, or NECC for short.


The consistency part takes each player’s fantasy points per game and divides it by the standard deviation of their fantasy scores to give us the coefficient of variation. This is a good start and really shows which players give you that solid floor. To enhance this number, and to give the efficiency element, I took the coefficient of variation and divided it by the player’s fantasy points per touch. This I’ve found makes the metric more balanced and gives some pop to the guys who may not be the highest scorers overall but have the potential to be so given increased opportunity. This should then help you identify the guys to draft this year based what they achieved last year.

The data that built the metric is based on .5PPR scoring and on scoring from Weeks 1 to 16 from the 2020 season. I leave out Week 17 because very few fantasy leagues play to the final week of the regular season because of the number of meaningless games and players that get rested ahead of the playoffs.

2020 NECC Rankings

Here’s the final rankings for 2020 NerdBall Efficiency and Consistency Coefficient, broken down into positions (min. 3 games played).