2021 Fantasy Football Defense DST Stats

View fantasy football defense DST stats for the 2021 NFL season. Rankings can be sorted by Total Fantasy Points (FP), Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG), Sacks, Interceptions (INT), Fumbles Recovered (FR), Forced Fumbles (FF), Defensive Touchdowns (TD), Safeties (SFTY), and Special Team Touchdowns (ST TD).

Season:  2021
Position:  QB  |  RB  |  WR  |  TE  |  K  |  DST
New England Patriots12115.09.63019611300
Buffalo Bills1196.08.7211697100
Indianapolis Colts1289.07.425141313101
Arizona Cardinals1187.07.92981115100
Green Bay Packers1287.07.3281278100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1186.07.82714910200
Miami Dolphins1285.07.128101013201
Dallas Cowboys1180.07.3241547302
Tennessee Titans1269.05.829957300
Minnesota Vikings1168.06.233947102
New York Giants1168.06.2211367110
Carolina Panthers1267.05.632869011
Cincinnati Bengals1167.06.1281048100
Denver Broncos1164.05.8271034100
Philadelphia Eagles1264.05.319848400
Cleveland Browns1262.05.2311136100
Houston Texans1162.05.62514613010
New Orleans Saints1162.05.6251336200
Chicago Bears1161.05.532567200
Kansas City Chiefs1161.05.51910510100
San Francisco 49ers1159.05.4245613200
Baltimore Ravens1158.05.324558000
Los Angeles Rams1156.05.1301238000
Pittsburgh Steelers1152.04.7305510001
Seattle Seahawks1151.04.618556001
Washington Football Team1147.04.322658001
Las Vegas Raiders1145.04.125488010
Detroit Lions1143.03.916857000
Jacksonville Jaguars1136.03.319514001
Los Angeles Chargers1136.03.3217512000
Atlanta Falcons1134.03.1155610000
New York Jets1131.02.825459000