2021 Fantasy Football Defense DST Stats

View fantasy football defense DST stats for the 2021 NFL season. Rankings can be sorted by Total Fantasy Points (FP), Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG), Sacks, Interceptions (INT), Fumbles Recovered (FR), Forced Fumbles (FF), Defensive Touchdowns (TD), Safeties (SFTY), and Special Team Touchdowns (ST TD).

Season:  2021
Position:  QB  |  RB  |  WR  |  TE  |  K  |  DST
Buffalo Bills558.011.614964100
Arizona Cardinals540.08.012558100
Chicago Bears540.08.018433100
Dallas Cowboys539.07.891022200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers534.06.810623200
Indianapolis Colts531.06.210365100
New Orleans Saints531.06.28913100
Minnesota Vikings530.06.017312100
Green Bay Packers527.05.410532000
Baltimore Ravens526.05.212322000
New England Patriots526.05.213511000
Carolina Panthers524.04.816412010
Cleveland Browns524.04.816223000
Denver Broncos524.04.812422000
Detroit Lions524.04.811334000
Cincinnati Bengals523.04.613413000
Los Angeles Rams523.04.614514000
Miami Dolphins522.04.49256100
Pittsburgh Steelers522.04.410226001
Tennessee Titans522.04.410312100
Los Angeles Chargers521.04.210437000
New York Jets521.04.213045000
Philadelphia Eagles521.04.211412100
Houston Texans520.04.08628000
Seattle Seahawks520.04.010232000
Las Vegas Raiders519.03.811123010
San Francisco 49ers518.03.611115100
New York Giants516.03.28333000
Washington Football Team516.03.29213001
Atlanta Falcons515.03.09125000
Kansas City Chiefs513.02.67315100
Jacksonville Jaguars59.01.88100001