2021 Quarterback WAR & Fantasy Football Points Above Replacement Rankings

Though a WAR (Wins Above Replacement) rating is traditionally a baseball metric of an individual player’s value versus a replacement, I have recreated it for football purposes as an additional measure of the game’s most important position. By manipulating my QPI data (Quarterback Passing Index), I have been able to create both a WAR and also WAA (Wins Above Average) rating to show how the players stack up against each other and how many additional wins they have been worth (or not).

Using a similar formula I have also been able to translate the data into a version for fantasy football that I’ve called FPAR (Fantasy Points Above Replacement), showing how many additional points each quarterback has scored vs the league average and replacement player.

The rankings have been updated through Week 5 and includes all quarterbacks who have played in at least half of their team’s games.

2021 Quarterback WAR Rankings
Matthew StaffordLAR52.8011.481
Russell WilsonSEA52.2021.012
Kyler MurrayARI52.0630.893
Patrick MahomesKAN51.8840.755
Dak PrescottDAL51.8550.726
Josh AllenBUF51.8550.726
Tom BradyTAM51.8270.708
Joe BurrowCIN51.6780.589
Taylor HeinickeWAS51.5890.5110
Daniel JonesNYG51.5890.5110
Justin HerbertLAC51.55110.4912
Kirk CousinsMIN51.43120.3913
Lamar JacksonBAL51.43120.3913
Jalen HurtsPHI51.40150.3715
Teddy BridgewaterDEN51.16160.1816
Aaron RodgersGNB51.05170.0917
Baker MayfieldCLE51.05170.0917
Carson WentzIND50.8719-0.0420
Jameis WinstonNOR50.7520-0.1422
Derek CarrLVR50.6321-0.2326
Jimmy GaroppoloSFO40.5522-0.1523
Matt RyanATL50.5123-0.3328
Sam DarnoldCAR50.4824-0.3529
Mac JonesNWE50.4526-0.3730
Ryan TannehillTEN50.1327-0.6332
Ben RoethlisbergerPIT50.1327-0.6332
Jared GoffDET5-0.1633-0.8734
Trevor LawrenceJAX5-0.3134-0.9937
Davis MillsHOU4-0.3935-0.9035
Jacoby BrissettMIA4-0.4236-0.9336
Justin FieldsCHI4-0.6938-1.1438
Zach WilsonNYJ5-1.3239-1.7939
2021 Quarterback FPAR Rankings
Tom BradyTAM56.1512.371
Patrick MahomesKAN55.8822.202
Josh AllenBUF55.4631.943
Lamar JacksonBAL55.4041.904
Kyler MurrayARI54.9851.635
Jalen HurtsPHI54.8861.566
Justin HerbertLAC54.7971.517
Matthew StaffordLAR53.8380.898
Dak PrescottDAL53.5190.699
Sam DarnoldCAR53.36100.5910
Russell WilsonSEA53.18110.4811
Kirk CousinsMIN52.97120.3512
Daniel JonesNYG52.90130.3013
Derek CarrLVR52.59140.1015
Aaron RodgersGNB52.54150.0716
Taylor HeinickeWAS52.43160.0017
Carson WentzIND52.3617-0.0318
Matt RyanATL52.3418-0.0519
Jameis WinstonNOR52.3319-0.0520
Joe BurrowCIN52.1220-0.1923
Ryan TannehillTEN51.8021-0.3924
Teddy BridgewaterDEN51.6222-0.5127
Baker MayfieldCLE51.2724-0.7329
Jared GoffDET51.1925-0.7831
Trevor LawrenceJAX51.1626-0.8032
Jimmy GaroppoloSFO40.8727-0.6828
Ben RoethlisbergerPIT50.6429-1.1335
Jacoby BrissettMIA40.5630-0.8833
Mac JonesNWE50.3631-1.3136
Davis MillsHOU4-0.7337-1.7137
Zach WilsonNYJ5-1.0338-2.2138
Justin FieldsCHI4-1.8039-2.3939