Week 14 NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs & Chargers Falter, Raiders Climbing

The AFC West gets a big shake up in the NerdBall NFL Power Rankings this week. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into Week 14.

Welcome to the NerdBall NFL Power Rankings. We love data here, and produce many statistics to help you identify those edges needed to help you win your fantasy leagues and DFS bets. One of the key stats we bring to you are out team NEFF rating. This is a statistical analysis of team performance that allows us to rank the 32 NFL teams to show you who’s statistically good, and not so good.

In these weekly power rankings, I take each team’s NEFF rankings and add layer of my own tape review to give an alternative view of how the teams in the NFL should be ranked.

The Raiders rise three places this week as they registered their third win in a row, with their rival Chiefs and Chargers dropping two places  after each lost to put a dent their playoff standings in the AFC.

Without further ado, let’s get into my NFL power rankings heading into Week 13.

RankTeam+/-NEFF RankONEFF RankDNEFF RankNotes
1Philadelphia Eagles
0323Switched it up again to dominate the Titans through the air. The Week 16 match up with the Cowboys is going to be a cracker.
2Dallas Cowboys
1141Probably the most complete team in the NFL right now and ready to pounce if the Eagles slip up at all
3Buffalo Bills
1234Took care of the Patriots with their most complete performance since beating the Steelers in Week 5
4Kansas City Chiefs
-25117The Bengals are becoming the Chiefs' kryptonite but they remain in the race for the No. 1 seed in the AFC
5Cincinnati Bengals
28515Signature vs the Chiefs and the Bengals are one of the hottest teams in the NFL heading towards the playoffs
6San Francisco 49ers
-1481A dominant win over the Dolphins but where does the Jimmy G injury put their ceiling going forward?
7Miami Dolphins
-115725The ankle injury to Tua is a worry but should not miss time. Need to get back on track quickly against the Chargers this week
8Minnesota Vikings
0251724Such an unimpressive 10-win team but they keep doing it. Lions will be a real test this week as they look to tie up the division crown
9Baltimore Ravens
07116Losing Lamar is a worry for a team facing a real challenge from the Bengals. If its more than a week I worry for their hopes on winning the AFC North.
10Tennessee Titans
0162613Back to back losses vs Super Bowl contenders is a worry but the schedule eases up and the Titans should cruise to the AFC South
11Seattle Seahawks
2161726Nearly lost to the undermanned Rams but the win keeps them in touch with the 49ers
12Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2111510Scraped a victory against the Saints to get back to 0.500 but major issues remain
13Los Angeles Chargers
-2191326Surprisingly uncompeitive against the Raiders and now facing back to back AFC contenders that will make or break their season
14New England Patriots
-210254Didn't offer much against Bills who were able to get after their defense. The hardest team rank right now.
15Washington Commanders
16198A tie was probably the right result vs the Giants but the Commanders will fancy their chances when they meet again after the bye this week
16New York Giants
1222319Steadied the ship after back to back losses but they face their toughest test in the Eagles this week
17New York Jets
-29279I'm loving the Garrett Wilson rookie breakout. Can he put up numbers again against the Bills this week
18Cleveland Browns
1131022What a day for the defense but pretty much a free pass against the woeful Texans
19Atlanta Falcons
-1312230Another close loss and it must be getting close to Desmond Ridder time
20Green Bay Packers
1201223Stopped the rot with a convincing win over the Bears but too little too late in a disappointing season
21Arizona Cardinals
-1221329Bye week and just dropped a spot with the Packers' win
22Detroit Lions
112632Their most convincing win of the season and sets up an exciting Week 14 game with the Vikings
23New Orleans Saints
-1142016So close to beating the Bucs but the Saints have just not been good enough. A long-needed bye week this week
24Pittsburgh Steelers
12624213 wins in 4 for the Steelers who will fancy their chnaces against a Lama-less Ravens this week.
25Las Vegas Raiders
3189313 on the bounce for the Raiders who have a long way to go to stand a playoff chance but they're trending right
26Jacksonville Jaguars
-2211620Blown away by the Lions in the battle of the big cats with the Titans and Cowboys up next.
27Los Angeles Rams
-1293018How long until we get a Baker start for the flatlining Rams?
28Indianapolis Colts
-1303111A total 4th quarter capitulation from the Colts and those optimistic days from Week 10 feel like a distant memory
29Carolina Panthers
0272814Bye week for the Panthers who remain in with a chance in the NFC South
30Chicago Bears
1242128Justin Fields was back and doing his things but the Bears are so talent poor there's only so much he can do
31Denver Broncos
-128297Another shocker on offense for the Broncos who get the Chiefs this week
32Houston Texans
0323212Found a new way to lose this week and stay bottom, giving up multiple defensive touchdowns to the Browns

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