2022 Quarterback Passing Index Rankings (Fantasy Football)

The final Quarterback Passing Index ratings for 2022 are complete. The final rankings are based on all quarterbacks with at least 100 pass attempts on the season and uses my own unique calculation to show how efficient each passer is from a passing and rushing performance combined. Overall, the average QPI rating for the season was 50.4%, down from 51.1% in 2021 and the record 54.1% in 2020. This matches what I thought I was seeing with my eyes as I watched games in 2022, with a drop in play from some established veterans, but also a lot of teething problems from the myriad of backups and rookies who had to play at short notice this year.

Onto the individual ratings and the top-rated passer of 2022 is someone no one would have expected to see. 7th round rookie and Mr Irrelevant of the 2022 draft, Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers graded out number 1 overall. His 68.2% rating is the 11th highest rating for a season I’ve ever graded out of over 1800 qualifying seasons, despite only playing in 6 qualifying games in 2022. A lot is said about the Kyle Shanahan running a qb friendly system, and given that we’re not only seeing a 7th round rookie top the QPI ranking, but also that this season’s original backup in San Francisco – Jimmy Garoppolo – is also in the top 5 quarterbacks, I think that gives some credence to that narrative. With the 49ers in top form entering the playoffs, just how far can their rookie signal caller take them?

Behind Purdy we see the player I see as the firm favorite for league MVP in Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes ran a very different offense in 2022 without Tyreek Hill and ran it to perfection as the Chiefs were the top rated offense per my NEFF rankings. His 64.7% rating across a full 17 games is exceptional and puts him in the top 15 all-time for quarterbacks playing every regular season game, though it is only his 4th best season as a pro, behind his 2018 (69.2%), 2019 (66.5%) and 2020 seasons (65.8%). Mahomes remains the all-time leader in QPI rating by some distance with a career rating of 64.6% through 80 qualifying games, over 5% ahead of Aaron Rodgers in second place.

I mentioned veterans who had down years and none of last year’s top three quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady) finished higher than 19th in 2022. We also saw the major move with Russell Wilson traded to Denver and he disappointed as much as anybody, dropping from 11th in 2021 t0 32nd in 2022. At the moment only Wilson looks certain to return in 2023 so it will be a very interesting off season with a talented qb class entering this year’s draft.

At the bottom, it was a rough season for the Jets as their overall play was let down by their quarterbacks. Yes, Mike White looked good for a while, but across the three starters who threw at least 100 passes this year for the Jets, they finished 31st (White), 45th (Zach Wilson) and 46th (Joe Flacco, dead last), combining for a QPI rating of just 38.9%. Lots to ponder ahead of the 2023 season for Robert Saleh and the Jets front office.

This table explained

RankNameTeamComp %YdsTDIntSckRush YdsRush TDsQPIFantasy PPG
1Brock PurdySFO68.3%13081331110168.2%17.55
2Patrick MahomesKAN67.1%5250411226358464.7%24.11
3Tua TagovailoaMIA64.8%35482582170062.7%17.76
4Jalen HurtsPHI66.5%3701226387601360.8%24.94
5Jimmy GaroppoloSFO67.4%23811641733260.3%16.45
6Jared GoffDET65.1%44382972373059.0%16.40
7Josh AllenBUF63.3%4283351433762757.4%24.47
8Joe BurrowCIN68.3%4475351241257555.7%21.54
9Lamar JacksonBAL62.1%223117724755355.5%21.34
10Dak PrescottDAL66.2%2860231520182155.3%16.55
11Geno SmithSEA69.8%4282301146366154.8%17.88
12Justin HerbertLAC68.2%4739251038147054.3%16.49
13Daniel JonesNYG67.2%320515544695754.3%17.73
14Andy DaltonNOR66.7%28701892554054.1%12.30
15Trevor LawrenceJAX66.3%411125827291553.8%17.03
16Kyler MurrayARI66.4%236814725418352.6%17.50
17Sam DarnoldCAR58.6%11437310106252.3%14.39
18Justin FieldsCHI61.2%20521610501055851.5%19.68
19Tom BradyTAM66.8%469425922-1151.4%15.74
20Kirk CousinsMIN65.9%454729144697250.7%16.80
21Marcus MariotaATL61.3%221915928438450.6%14.81
22Jacoby BrissettCLE64.1%260812624238250.1%15.28
23Ryan TannehillTEN65.2%25361363398250.0%13.27
24Derek CarrLVR60.8%3522241427102049.6%14.61
25Aaron RodgersGNB64.6%369526123294149.4%13.84
26Mac JonesNWE65.4%298314103178148.7%12.86
27Matthew StaffordLAR68.0%2087108299048.7%11.38
28PJ WalkerCAR59.4%73133739048.0%6.52
29Mitchell TrubiskyPIT65.0%1252451138247.2%10.27
30Tyler HuntleyBAL67.0%658237137147.0%9.60
31Mike WhiteNYJ58.9%11923499146.6%14.15
32Russell WilsonDEN60.5%3524161155277346.3%15.11
33Desmond RidderATL63.5%70820964045.8%10.18
34Taylor HeinickeWAS62.2%17591261996145.8%12.44
35Kenny PickettPIT63.1%24047926221345.2%12.02
36Jameis WinstonNOR63.5%858451116044.4%13.97
37Cooper RushDAL57.7%1020537-1043.7%9.12
38Deshaun WatsonCLE58.2%11027520175142.9%14.26
39Carson WentzWAS63.0%15561192384142.4%14.38
40Matt RyanIND67.0%305714133770142.3%12.94
41Davis MillsHOU61.0%3118171531108242.0%11.97
42Sam EhlingerIND63.4%573331487039.4%8.91
43Baker MayfieldLAR60.0%21631083689138.9%10.12
44Colt McCoyARI68.2%780131336037.1%8.20
45Zach WilsonNYJ54.5%16886723102136.7%10.19
46Joe FlaccoNYJ58.0%10485396036.4%13.13