2022 Quarterback WAR & Fantasy Football Points Above Replacement Rankings

The final quarterback WAR and FPAR rankings of the 2022 season are here. The WAR ranking shows how each quarterback’s performance is valued against all others in terms their contribution to their team’s win total compared to a replacement level player. The FPAR ranking does the same but in terms of their fantasy production against those replacement players. There is also a comparison vs the league average for both metrics too (WAA and FPAA).

Likely league MVP Patrick Mahomes leads the way in both WAR and FPAR rating this season, contributing over 6 wins to the Chiefs versus if they’d had to play a replacement player. His FPAR value of 17.25 points over a replacement player shows you would not have been disappointed drafting Mahomes early in your drafts this year, though if you drafted Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts or Joe Burrow you’d have also been a happy fantasy GM in 2022.

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2022 Quarterback WAR Rankings
Patrick MahomesKAN176.0613.921
Jared GoffDET174.2822.254
Jalen HurtsPHI154.2732.453
Tua TagovailoaMIA134.1542.552
Josh AllenBUF163.5651.675
Joe BurrowCIN163.0661.207
Geno SmithSEA172.9871.028
Justin HerbertLAC172.8180.869
Jimmy GaroppoloSFO102.7691.546
Trevor LawrenceJAX172.67100.7313
Daniel JonesNYG162.64110.8111
Andy DaltonNOR142.27120.6714
Dak PrescottDAL122.21130.8210
Lamar JacksonBAL112.07140.7912
Tom BradyTAM171.92150.0317
Kirk CousinsMIN171.7016-0.1719
Justin FieldsCHI141.61170.0416
Kyler MurrayARI111.48180.2415
Aaron RodgersGNB171.2819-0.5624
Marcus MariotaATL131.2720-0.1618
Derek CarrLVR151.1921-0.4423
Ryan TannehillTEN121.0422-0.2721
Jacoby BrissettCLE110.9823-0.2220
Mac JonesNWE130.8224-0.5825
Matthew StaffordLAR90.5625-0.4122
Russell WilsonDEN150.2826-1.3028
Taylor HeinickeWAS90.0927-0.8526
Kenny PickettPIT12-0.0028-1.2627
Matt RyanIND12-0.6429-1.8629
Davis MillsHOU15-0.8830-2.4031
Baker MayfieldLAR12-1.3931-2.5732
Zach WilsonNYJ9-1.4032-2.2630
2022 Quarterback FPAR Rankings
Patrick MahomesKAN1717.2418.161
Josh AllenBUF1616.6828.012
Jalen HurtsPHI1516.1837.913
Joe BurrowCIN1613.0545.374
Justin FieldsCHI149.4153.226
Geno SmithSEA179.0462.187
Lamar JacksonBAL118.8073.565
Daniel JonesNYG168.3381.928
Trevor LawrenceJAX177.9391.3710
Kirk CousinsMIN177.62101.1512
Justin HerbertLAC177.21110.8413
Jared GoffDET177.10120.7614
Tua TagovailoaMIA136.80131.589
Tom BradyTAM176.24140.1317
Kyler MurrayARI115.53151.1811
Dak PrescottDAL125.15160.6415
Russell WilsonDEN154.7717-0.4119
Jimmy GaroppoloSFO104.22180.4816
Derek CarrLVR154.1819-0.8421
Marcus MariotaATL133.8320-0.5720
Aaron RodgersGNB173.7221-1.6924
Jacoby BrissettCLE113.6422-0.1918
Ryan TannehillTEN122.1023-1.5822
Mac JonesNWE131.8624-2.0126
Matt RyanIND121.7925-1.8025
Andy DaltonNOR141.4026-2.6129
Davis MillsHOU151.1227-3.0731
Taylor HeinickeWAS91.0028-1.6023
Kenny PickettPIT120.9429-2.4228
Matthew StaffordLAR90.2530-2.1427
Zach WilsonNYJ9-0.5631-2.7530
Baker MayfieldLAR12-0.8232-3.7132