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Nerding Out Over the AFC South & NFC North (2021 Fantasy Football)

A deep-dive into the AFC South AND NFC North for 2021 fantasy football.

On this week’s “Nerding Out with Nic Bodiford”, Nic tests Clark’s resolve by breaking down the team that betrayed him with years of incompetence, the Houston Texans. They are still incompetent (1:39). What is Jonathan Taylor’s ceiling? (8:26) Nic wants you to draft all of the Jaguars; Clark wants you to draft none of them (18:25). Titan up (27:52)! Da Bears (38:11). Ankle bitin’ Lions (40:48). Aaron Rodgers’ Revenge Tour 2.0 (43:50). Is Kurt Cousins a QB1 to from Weeks 1 through 6? (50:30)

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