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Nerding Out Over Week 2 NFL Preview

Nic breaks down the whole NFL Week 2 Sunday slate and covers his favorite starts and sits for fantasy football.

On this week’s “Nerding Out with Nic Bodiford”, Nic and his mustache breakdown all-things NFL Week 2 for fantasy football. Bengals at Bears (2:02), Texans at Browns (5:34), Rams at Colts (9:49), Bills at Dolphins (15:50), Patriots at Jets (22:25), 49ers at Eagles (28:54), Raiders at Steelers (37:09), Saints at Panthers (40:52), Broncos at Jaguars (47:15), Vikings at Cardinals (53:52), Falcons at Buccaneers (57:01), Cowboys at Chargers (1:00:17), Titans at Seahawks (1:03:43), Sunday Night Football: Chiefs at Ravens (1:07:00).

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