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Nerding Out Over Week 7 Fantasy Football Preview With Dr. Adam Hutchison

Nic is joined by guest Dr. Adam Hutchison to talk 5 guys of interest and then breakdown the full Week 7 fantasy football Sunday slate.

On this week’s “Nerding Out with Nic Bodiford”, Nic and guest Dr. Adam Hutchison kick things off by breaking down their 5 Guys, including what fantasy managers should do about Antonio Gibson (1:00). Nic then gives a full Week 7 fantasy football preview for the Sunday slate: New York Jets at New England Patriots (29:35), Carolina Panthers at New York Giants (35:09), Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans (40:22), Washington Football Team at Green Bay Packers (49:29), Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins (52:28), Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (55:13), Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams (58:39), Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders (1:00:28), Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals (1:04:06), Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1:07:10), Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers (1:10:28).

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