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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys Climb, Dolphins Fall

The Cowboys make their way into the top 10 in the NerdBall NFL Power Rankings. Here's how the teams stack up heading into Week 6.

Welcome to the NerdBall NFL Power Rankings. We love data here, and produce many statistics to help you identify those edges needed to help you win your fantasy leagues and make money playing DFS or betting on NFL games. One of the key stats we bring to you are out team NEFF ratings, a statistical analysis of team performance that allows us to rank the 32 NFL teams to show you who’s statistically good (and not so good).

In these weekly power rankings, I am going to take those NEFF rankings and look to layer on my own tape review of each team to give an alternative view of how the teams in the NFL should be ranked, with some short commentary over why the teams are ranked where they are.

Without further ado, let’s get into my NFL power rankings heading into Week 6.

RankTeamLast Week+/-NEFF RankONEFF RankDNEFF RankNotes
1Buffalo Bills
10112A dominant win over the Steelers moves the Bills backto the top spot
2Philadelphia Eagles
20345They were run close by the Cardinals but remain unbeaten and the cream of the NFC
3San Francisco 49ers
522161That defense is truly elite but injuries may make their stay in 3rd short lived
4Kansas City Chiefs
3-17321Strong come from behind win over the Raiders but they're still figuring it out on defense
5Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4-15176Not the finished article but a strong showing keeps the Bucs in the top 5
6Dallas Cowboys
1044253Another briliant defensive display but they need Dak back on offense
7Minnesota Vikings
7012824Disptached the Bears and continuing to look the strongest in the NFC North
8Baltimore Ravens
9114619Beat an improving Bengals team to stay in the top 10
9Green Bay Packers
8-116917Poor second half display in London shows the Packers are an incomplete team
10Los Angeles Chargers
12210725Got lucky against the Browns but a win moves them up
11Miami Dolphins
6-5271530Starting to slide with their QB issues. How long until Tua returns?
12Cleveland Browns
1316221Could easily be 5-0 but not finishing is costing the Browns dearly
13New Orleans Saints
16381015Nice bounceback against a high powered Seahawks offense
14Cincinnati Bengals
1519198Tough loss to the Ravens but still well in touch in the AFC North
15Los Angeles Rams
11-4253011The Rams are a mess and need to figure it out and quickly
16Tennessee Titans
204232223Moving on up again as they stack their third straight win
17New England Patriots
236131412They had the key to stopping the league's top scoring offense and suddenly look like they can compete
18Arizona Cardinals
17-1241227Ran the Eagles close but they need to start putting up points early to compete consistently
19Jacksonville Jaguars
14-515207The Jaguars have gone off the boil and the loss to the Texans has them tumblng this week
20Atlanta Falcons
18-2321828Another one score loss but that defense is costing them games right now
21New York Giants
243222313What a second half comeback to build off but they still seem well behind the Eagles and Cowboys
22New York Jets
253112015Green shoots after back to back wins. Can the Jets be a force in 2022?
23Denver Broncos
19-417284Thursday night was a mess and the Broncos offense need a lot of work for them to move up the rankings
24Seattle Seahawks
284271331Took the Saints all the way but let down again by that poor defense
25Pittsburgh Steelers
21-4302626Blown away by the Bills and now facing another top 5 team in the Bucs in Week 6
26Detroit Lions
22-421532That potent offrnse was found out by the Patriots but they have a week off to sort out the bottom rated defense
27Las Vegas Raiders
270201129Had the Chiefs right where they wanted them but couldn't defend Travis Kelce. A good time for a bye to regroup
28Washington Commanders
26-2192420Some bright points but the ending vs the Titans was brutal
29Indianapolis Colts
301313110Somehow beat the Broncos but overall a total mess this season
30Carolina Panthers
29-1273214Firing Rhule was mercy for a team going nowhere and potentially looking to offload CMC
31Houston Texans
32118279Beat a poor Jaguars team and enter their bye week with something to play for
32Chicago Bears
31-1262918Not much between the Bears and Texans but overall I'd pick Houston to win if they player right now

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