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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Eagles Soar to No. 1, Bills Stumble

The Eagles have taken over the No. 1 spot in the NerdBall NFL Power Rankings. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into Week 10.

Welcome to the NerdBall NFL Power Rankings. We love data here, and produce many statistics to help you identify those edges needed to help you win your fantasy leagues and DFS bets. One of the key stats we bring to you are out team NEFF rating. This is a statistical analysis of team performance that allows us to rank the 32 NFL teams to show you who’s statistically good, and not so good.

In these weekly power rankings, I take each team’s NEFF rankings and add layer of my own tape review to give an alternative view of how the teams in the NFL should be ranked.

Not a lot of change to the top of the rankings though the Eagles deservedly take first place after staying unbeaten. The Bills meanwhile fall out of the top spot after losing to the Jets.

Without further ado, let’s get into my NFL power rankings heading into Week 10.

RankTeam+/-NEFF RankONEFF RankDNEFF RankNotes
1Philadelphia Eagles
1122Not their usual dominant selves in Week 9 but the Eagles stay perfect and now sit atop the rankings
2Buffalo Bills
-1234The unexpected loss to the Jets sees the Bills lose top spot this week with the 7-1 Vikings up next
3Kansas City Chiefs
06123Chiefs stay third despite struggling to put away the Titans
4Dallas Cowboys
03131Bye week for the Cowboys and they stay 4th
5Minnesota Vikings
0161020Six straight wins for the Vikings keeps them in the NFC number one seed race with the Bills up next on the road
6Baltimore Ravens
010812Who needs a receiving game with Lamar and a rising defense
7San Francisco 49ers
05148Good time for a bye to continue to get healthy for the 49ers
8Miami Dolphins
020629The offense is rocking and the Dolphins look set to push the Bills all the way for the AFC East
9Cincinnati Bengals
04410Joe Mixon dominated the Panthers to keep the Bengals in touch with the Ravens
10Seattle Seahawks
1181625The Seahawks continue to surprise and delight with an ever improving defense
11Tennessee Titans
-1192713No passing attack and they still took the Chiefs all the way.
12Los Angeles Chargers
113921Winning games despite the injury woes moves you up one spot
13Tampa Bay Buccaneers
114216Classic Brady led game-winning drive but still looking like the weakest division leader
14New York Giants
-2242419Dropping despite the bye as the teams around them win and look stronger
15New York Jets
111259Signature win over the Bills jumps the Jets ahead of the Patriots
16New England Patriots
-17185Took care of the spiralling Colts but the offense is still extremely shaky and I'd pick the j
17Cleveland Browns
08522Bye week and no change for the Browns
18Atlanta Falcons
1301530Lost to the Chargers and the division lead to the Bucs. Defense still a major issue
19Los Angeles Rams
-1223114Lucky not to fall further as the Super Bowl hangover continues
20New Orleans Saints
0121118Easily dispatched by the Ravens but somehow still only a game out of first place
21Arizona Cardinals
0251727The dysfunction continues for Arizona who fall further behind in the NFC West
22Denver Broncos
117273Broncos get a slight bump despite the bye week
23Green Bay Packers
-1212017The freefalling Packers lose again and are becoming an irrelevance in 2022
24Washington Commanders
192311Were lucky to run the Vikings so close but ultimately couldn't compete
25Jacksonville Jaguars
3151215Impressive comeback win and hopefully the start of a more consistent Jaguars moving forward
26Detroit Lions
326732Held the Packers to just 9 points which maybe says more about the Packers but I'll give the Lions credit
27Indianapolis Colts
-329326The Colts look worse every week and will likely hit rock bottom before the season is out
28Las Vegas Raiders
-2281931Blew ANOTHER 17 point lead and lucky to only fall two places
29Pittsburgh Steelers
-2322628Dropped a place during the bye but will hope for a turnaround with TJ Watt nearing a return
30Chicago Bears
1232226Justin Fields earned this one place increase all on his own
31Carolina Panthers
-1313024Blown away by Joe Mixon and the Bengals and back to looking like a bottom two team
32Houston Texans
0272916Did well against the Eagles without ever looking like winning. Texans stay in last place

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