2020 Touchdown Dependency Rankings (Fantasy Football)

Touchdowns are one of the most important scoring metrics in fantasy football. Rushing and receiving touchdowns are both worth six points which can drastically change how a player ranks in end-of-year numbers.

Since touchdown production is hard to replicate and rely on, Touchdown Dependency (TDd) can be a great tool to see which players might regress, both positively and negatively, in a coming season.


To get TDd, you take a player’s total touchdowns scored, multiply it by six to calculate the fantasy points directly tied to TD production, and then divide that from their total FFP score the year prior (.5PPR scoring).

For example, Davante Adams scored a total of 18 touchdowns in 2020, which is 108 fantasy points out of his 300.9 total points, thus 35.9% of his 2020 fantasy points came from touchdowns.

2020 TDd Rankings

Here’s the final rankings for 2020 Touchdown Dependency, broken down into positions.