2023 Fantasy Football NerdStats

View and sort by our in-house NerdStats, tracking advanced fantasy football metrics for individual players for the 2023 NFL season. Tables display .5PPR scoring and only qualified players (top-32 QB, top-48 RB, top-48 WR, top-24 TE).

  • npFP/npFPPG – non-passing fantasy points, non-passing fantasy points per game
  • PER – Fantasy points per pass attempt (QB)/touch (RB)/target (WR,TE)
  • VAR –¬†How consistent a player is on a weekly basis (lower = better)
  • RISK – VAR/PPG, a way to see how risky a player might be on any given week (lower = better)
  • TDd – Touchdown dependency

For full explanations of NerdBall stats, click here.