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Best NFL Player Prop Bets for Week 2

Ezekiel Elliott is ready to smash! Giving you my two favorite NFL player prop bets that I'm confident will pay out for Week 2.

Each week I’ll pick a couple of my favorite NFL player prop bets over on DraftKings Sportsbook, track my progress, and see how I do at the end of the year. Here are my best picks for Week 2.

We went two for two in Week 1 with our prop bet predictions, as Antonio Gibson hit the OVER on 16.5 receiving yards (he ended up with 18 receiving yards), and Mike Davis hit the OVER on 63.5 total yards (72 total yards). Fortunately, just-barely counts!

We know a bit more about what to expect from certain teams and certain players now in Week 2, but so do the folks setting the numbers for us. So for this week, take a look at what I’m thinking are pretty sure things, but he me up with your favorite props on Twitter: @NFLClark!

Justin Herbert, 300.5 yards passing – OVER

The Dallas Cowboys kicked off the season in a boat-race of a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that saw just a hair over 780 total yards passing. Tom Brady accounted for 379 of yards, and the Bucs needed every inch of that to squeak past Dallas. 

In 2020, the Washington Football Team gave up the second-fewest passing yards in the NFL. That defense looked potent again in their opening matchup versus the Los Angeles Chargers, yet Justin Herbert finished the game with 337 yards in the air. 

The Cowboys shouldn’t have any trouble scoring with their embarrassment of riches on offense, and so the Chargers will have to keep up. Betting on Justin Herbert to get just a hair over 300 yards in what is projected to be this week’s highest scoring game is free money!

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Ezekiel Elliot, 81.5 rushing + receiving yards – OVER

I hate to pick props from the same game for purposes of writing this article, but the matchup is just too juicy to pass up. Zeke was bottled up in Week 1, with Dak Prescott doing the right thing and changing a whole lot of plays at the line of scrimmage rather than running Elliot into the triple-steel reinforced wall that is the Bucs defensive line. 

This week, though, I’m calling a big correction for Elliot and the Dallas run game. The over/under on Zeke’s rushing total is 59.5 yards. I’d be surprised if Elliot doesn’t rush for over 82 yards, let along pick up a couple of catches to pad that figure. 

PS: Zeke, OVER 59.5 rushing is also an absolute smash, although this one will be ‘off the record’ for this article series. 

Hit me up with your favorite props in the comments!

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