Fantasy Football NerdStats Explained

NerdBall Efficiency and Consistency Coefficient (NECC) Rankings Fantasy football consistency is an elusive beast. Being able to field a team that is competitive on a weekly basis is the dream and means when the top tier players you drafted don’t go off on a weekly basis, you still have a chance. To be able to […]

2021 Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule

With the last games of the 2021 NFL regular season now in the books and I can reveal the final fantasy football strength of schedule that each team faced from a pass and run defense standpoint. This table explained

2021 NFL Team NEFF Ratings

The final games of the 2021 NFL regular season are now in the books and I can reveal the final NEFF standings for the season. I’ve also tracked NEFF standings for pass and run defenses for the 2021 NFL season. Final pass and run defense NEFF rankings can be found here. This table explained

NerdBall Stats Archives

Full collection of all the fantasy football stats NerdBall has to offer. Look through the past year’s data along with previous tracking stats.

2020 NFL Team Red Zone Stats (Fantasy Football)

NFL team red zone data is a great resource for fantasy football. Seeing a team’s preferences for how the move the ball in the red zone can help determine which players are likely to see touchdown production. For example, the New England Patriots ran the ball 51% of the time in the red zone last […]

2020 Wide Receiver Receiving Stats Per Snap (Fantasy Football)

Looking at wide receiver data on a per snap basis can help find players who could suddenly find themselves real contributors if they see their snap count increase. It’s a great way to find potential sleepers in fantasy football. Calculation Simple calculation of taking a wide receiver’s receiving stats (targets, receptions, yards, and touchdowns) and […]

2021 Available Team Targets (Fantasy Football)

Targets are a wildly important stat to pay attention to in fantasy football. The more targets a player receives, the more opportunities they have for catches, yards, and touchdowns. When receivers leave teams, they leave their targets behind which creates openings in offenses for other players to step in and (hopefully) thrive. I like looking […]