2022 Quarterback WAR & Fantasy Football Points Above Replacement Rankings

The final quarterback WAR and FPAR rankings of the 2022 season are here. The WAR ranking shows how each quarterback’s performance is valued against all others in terms their contribution to their team’s win total compared to a replacement level player. The FPAR ranking does the same but in terms of their fantasy production against […]

2022 NECC Fantasy Football Consistency Rating

Our NECC ratings are a measure a player’s consistency and efficiency from a fantasy football standpoint. There are multiple ways to apply what the NECC data is showing you to your fantasy football team. For example, players with low NECC ratings who have seen relatively low usage but due to injury/suspension of players on their […]

2022 Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule

Here is the final strength of schedule for pass and run defense faced based on my NEFF rankings. The top rated team per the NEFF rating system the San Francisco 49ers faced overall the easiest schedule of pass and run defenses, with the playoff bound Miami Dolphins facing the toughest schedule of opponents this season. […]

2022 NFL Team NEFF Ratings

The final NFL team NEFF ratings for the 2022 season are below and we can see that for the first time in the history of the NEFF rankings (back to 2002), the San Francisco 49ers have rated as the best team in the NFL. It was very much a tail of two halves for the […]

2022 Quarterback Passing Index Rankings (Fantasy Football)

The final Quarterback Passing Index ratings for 2022 are complete. The final rankings are based on all quarterbacks with at least 100 pass attempts on the season and uses my own unique calculation to show how efficient each passer is from a passing and rushing performance combined. Overall, the average QPI rating for the season […]

2022 NFL Team NEFF Ratings: Pass Defense & Run Defense

Here are the final NFL team NEFF pass and run defense ratings for 2022. I’ve been updating every week each team’s pass and run defense using my own unique calculation to show how efficient every NFL team is and the final results are below. This table explained

2022 Fantasy Football Player Stats

View and sort by both season-long stats and fantasy football points for individual players for the 2022 NFL season. (Fantasy points for .5PPR leagues.)

2023 Fantasy Football NerdStats

View and sort by our in-house NerdStats, tracking advanced fantasy football metrics for individual players for the 2023 NFL season. Tables display .5PPR scoring and only qualified players (top-32 QB, top-48 RB, top-48 WR, top-24 TE). Glossary npFP/npFPPG – non-passing fantasy points, non-passing fantasy points per game PER – Fantasy points per pass attempt (QB)/touch […]

2021 Red Zone Stats (Fantasy Football)

Red zone stats from the 2021 NFL season. An excellent tool for fantasy football as it’s easy to see which players are getting the most work around the goal line, thus giving them the highest chance to score.

2022 NFL Team Targets Distribution (Fantasy Football)

Looking at team targets distribution can provide excellent insight for fantasy football. If a team heavily targets their wide receivers, then those players will likely put forward better fantasy weeks. Here’s how often teams are targeting their wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs in the 2022 NFL season.